Looking for a pet model?

The Pet Spa Model Agency's experienced team offers a premium service to film and television producers, product photographers, magazines, newspapers and online advertisers. We provide all types of pet models from mice, rats, cats and dogs, rabbits to horses.

Our pets have been seen on magazine covers, in television programmes, in and on the cover of books, in documentaries and modeling the latest pet products online, both in the UK and in the US. Our professional team is experienced in managing pet appearances and will work closely with you to find the right pet for your campaign or programme. We can provide props and makeovers at our luxury Pet Spa in Chelsea. All pets are accompanied by their owner and a representative of The Pet Spa throughout the shoot/filming day.

 We work with an experienced pet photographer who can provide shots for your new product line at a location of your choice.

Do you have a talented and or beautiful pet?

Would you like your pet to become a professional model? Would you like to spend the day on a film set or in a photography studio, receive payment for your time and expenses and see your pet on the big screen?

If you believe your precious pooch or paw-fect pussycat has the looks and star quality our producers may be looking for then why not join our agency today! Email us at for an application form.


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